WissensWerte – animated video clips for political education

Within the project WissensWerte, the german nonprofit organisation / e.V. publishes and distributes a series of innovative animated video clips for political education.
Technically state of the art and didactically elaborated, the clips offer an exciting way to learn about politics.

Civic education is a cornerstone of any democratic political system. Only those people who are aware of political interrelations and are able to think politically can use their democratic rights in a responsible way. In an increasingly individualized and depoliticized society, the willingness to get informed about politics or even get engaged is declining rapidly. To be fair, this is in part due to the fact that political relations in a globalized world have become increasingly complex and confusing. At this point, we want to intervene by creating fresh and exciting opportunities to learn about political issues, how such issues are interrelated and who the key persons involved are.

The Projekt was developed and produced by Jörn Barkemeyer Jan Künzl.

With support of: